A Super Cool High Fantasy TV Series Project

Accompany us on a mesmerising adventure to encounter powerful magicians and mighty warriors, forceful women and slick courtiers, tragic kings, rich politicians and demonic powers!

A Bit on the Story

When the mad king of a magician realm starts to wage war on the neighbouring kingdom, its ageing regent minister is forced back to his homeland. Pushed to his limits, he has to take centre stage at the dawn of a new era beyond clash of civilizations.

This is a magical tale about the meaning of life and death, about identity and prejudice, about maturing and family and the pitfalls of desire.

Prince of Persia meets Game of Thrones – with flying carpets

Our main character is its villain-turned-hero in a world that, like ours, lacks both: villains and heroes. An immigrant of mixed origin, he is feared and hated for his ability to perform magic and trapped between two cultures.

Perspective is key, hence there are no small parts when the power of cross-cultural belief systems is being shattered at the dawn of a new era.

Great Casting News!

As of 20th December 2023, the magnificent Ivan Kaye, who starred as King Aelle in the hit series Vikings and has been featured in various Hollywood movies and countless other TV shows, is officially attached to Magician’s Blood as the lead.

Ivan Kaye to Star in Magician’s Blood

He is famous for his incredible versatility and we are excited and delighted that he supports our vision and is ready to take the role of our main character Artat-Shâr.

German news article with more details:

Our somewhat dark, but appealing character is a perfect match for Ivan and Ivan is the perfect actor to play him. And we will make sure that he gets every possible opportunity to play through his full range in our show.

Ivan Kaye Attached to Magician’s Blood

Our main character Artat-Shâr is strong and violent, but vulnerable and human with a tragic dimension. We cannot wait to see Ivan work his special magic on this character.

More about the Team

Created by Susanne B. Kurz, the show will be written by Susanne and her co-author Felix Leonard Jacob.

Jane Sanger is attached as director since November 2023. She is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, writer and director with an impressive number of realised projects under her belt.

A Bit on the Origin of the Project

While finishing her Ph.D. in Persianate Cultural History, Susanne started exercises in fiction-writing.

Suddenly, a fantasy novel concept with a life of its own emerged in her mind – until she got stuck with plot issues and intention.

Over a decade later, midlife crisis had prompted her to revisit the meaning of life and death and to break out into a new career as a hypno-coach while starting new creative hobbies.

Finding a new purpose was tough. When Susanne found that most new films and shows, revolving around 20- to 30-somethings, were more discouraging than inspiring for her age group of 35+, she combined her unique experiences and skills to turn her fantasy novel into the inspiring and epic visual adventure that the world has been awaiting.

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